~ Who Packed Your Chute ~

We've heard of a fighter pilot, Plumb by name
Shot down in Vietnam,
Who spent six long years as a P.O.W.
Trapped there in communist land.

Today, he shares his story
How lessons change a man,
One day a sailor came to him
I know you from Vietnam...

I packed your parachute, he said,
I prayed each one would not fail,
Grateful, Plumb replied, 'twas because of you
I lived to tell the tale.

That night Plumb tossed in thought,
Of 'chutes the sailor's skill compressed,
Folding the shrouds of silk, praying
Each one, be safely blessed.

He pondered how many pack our 'chutes,
To send us on our way,
Jesus, parents, friends and teachers
All having their special say.

Launching us into life
With their fine example and devotion,
Working day and night
To guide us in all that should be chosen.

Untold kindness under girding
As God sees our needs are met,
Then... He alone pulls the rip cord
When all appears to be a wreck.

Unbreakable ropes of grace and love
Chained to His heart on high,
We are buoyed upon the Spirit's power
As we're carried upward to the sky.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

The spiritual life is a choice. It is
not a retreat from the call of courage,
but an invitation to enter
fully into that life of faith, and
there find the all embracing love of God.


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