artwork by Alan Ayers artwork by Alan Ayers artwork by Alan Ayers artwork by Alan Ayers

~ Why Are We Silent? ~

Are our voices gone?
Have our brains shut down?
Have we all gone blind?
To what is happening in our towns!

We need to open our mouths
And find the words to say,
"Stop this insanity!
Lord help us find our way."


Get our brains in gear
This might be hard I know
But desperate times are here
Our strength we need to show.

We've got to remove the blinders
And open our eyes to see
Jesus will soon arrive
He can hear our earnest pleas.


Why do we let these men
The ones who are in power
Tell us how to live
Every second, minute, and hour!

They're determined to remove religion
From every aspect of our lives
The government is taking over
As we struggle to survive!


Our deficit is out the window
They're trying to break our backs
Soon they'll tax the air we breathe
Things are looking black!

Now is the time my friends
To let our voices be heard
Jesus is coming soon
We need to spread His word!


Chee Chee Martin 2009
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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Artwork by Alan Ayers

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