You ask.....

Why are there people,
Who ruin things for others?
And why are there some,
Who will turn on their brothers?

Why does the world
Keep getting much worse?
And why are there wars,
With bombs, that do burst?

How can one live,
A life in peace?
When all that surrounds them
Just will not cease.

I know the answer,
I've known all along!
God's in the details
And, His plan will go on

He's waiting for that day
To bring all together
And, right timing is crucial
For such an endeavor

With a sway of His hand
In that day, His will, be done
And finally, this world
Won't be under the gun

Peace will reign through the land
Like a fresh new breeze
And the lion will lay
With lamb, under the trees

God knows what He's doing
Don't trust just what you see
Keep close, and believe
Grasp His hand, don't you leave

He's fighting the good fight
For you, and for me
Keep watching, and waiting
For soon you will see

Debbie Looney 10/11/2006

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