~ Wildflowers ~
by:  O'Puppy

Dressed by nature, kissed with love
Reaching up, to stars above
Fields of beauty, dewed by night
Waiting for, each dawning light

Standing tall, when day awakes
All along, earths quiet lakes
Hidden splendors, come undone
Far beneath, a morning sun

Waterfalls, in forests green
Heavens setting, sight unseen
Color wheels, red white and blue
Yellows, purples, set a view

Flying insects, buzz around
In a meadow, filled with sound
Wildlife moving, cautiously
Yet the flowers, stand so free

Wonder why, they call them wild
When they seem, so meek and mild
Precious blooms, these gifts so faint
Live unnoticed, without complaint.


Ronnie D. Shreve
2002 Used with permission


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