~ Windows ~

As I gaze into your eyes
my inner spirit soars
in just knowing
the person that is you
makes heart flutter

Reaching deep
into your soul
I see the man...
the one who hides
own pain 'n sorrow
is healing balm
to those
who have fallen
or broken a wing...

to all mankind
the one who accepts
ever passing judgment
When looking in your eyes
I see compassion...
willing to give
of yourself
without expectation
or conditions...
never asking
anything in return

The windows to your soul
reveal so much for me
desires, dreams
and yes, at times
your secrets
all are tucked
inside for safe keeping
I'd guess
to set them free

At times
I see uncertainty...
fear of the unknown...
what is yet to come...
but also,
I see signs of hope
for brighter 'morrows
just around the bend
Your eyes show strength
and willingness
to overcome all obstacles
with gusto...
I see you
reaching the top
of highest mountains
shouting to the world...
'I made it'...

The sensitive side of you
cries when hurt...
although to admit such things
would be taken lightly
then tossed aside
as if I never noticed...
you'd rather wipe
away tears of another
than to ever allow
your own be seen
There's laughter
in your eyes
when playful arguments
win you another point...
your sense of humor
cause giggles to leap
from belly

I see pride and dignity
in your eyes
and nothing can conceal
your honor and respect...
devoted to things
in which you believe
allowing nothing
to stand in your way...
straight forwardness
is frosting on the cake

In your eyes,
your beautiful brown eyes...
I see the person I hope to become
strong, witty, and cheerful
with a gentle manner
that is understanding
kind and giving...
one who brings
happiness and joy into lives
just by being there

Gazing into your eyes
I know without question
my love for you
is evermore..
listen to my whisper
hold close...
its echo...
remember and take with you
the deep meaning
of what I'm about to say...

ever we drift
like ships lost at sea
forever you'll be
the air that I breathe...
a full August moon...
with warm memories...
my every heartsong...
in love poetry

2008 Rose Marie Streeter


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