~ The Winds Of Time ~

How the winds of time blow by
Aging us and making us sigh
Forever longing for yesteryear
Reminiscing and shedding a tear.

Unable to do what we used to do
Arthritis is here and claiming its due
Watching young people enjoying life
Not worrying too much about war or strife.

Never realizing with each passing day
The wind of time will take a year away
Before you know it, your time is here
You're old and gray, where went the years.

Now in a rocker, time has put me
Remembering the way it use to be
Watching my grandchildren frolic and play
Knowing soon they will face the day.

Just like you, they will become
Such is life, this is the outcome
The winds of time will take its toll
Down memory lane we will stroll.

You sit and think about all the "what ifs"
Your life has been filled with many gifts
And now the years have come and gone
It's now the time to face a new dawn.

The winds of time are here to stay
Forever to escort you on your way
To the final stages of life for you
This is something we all must go through


Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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