~ Wingless ~

I sometimes feel like a wingless bird
I want to fly, I want to be heard
Over tall mountains and waterfalls
I hear an echo ever so soft
Calling me from tree to tree
If only I could have wings to fly
Up the valley to the blue sky
I hold my fingers out waiting to be touched
My blue eyes and hair so fair
Will I ever be in love with someone, somewhere
When I watch the birds reach their nest
I wonder why I cannot soar as they
What keeps me here to never fly away
My heart is as wide as the sky above
Can you reach me and give me your love
Life is a wishing well, to say my wish
A love forever, I do not want to miss
I am a wingless bird no more, for I have touched
An endless love who means so much
I see a rainbow just for two
If you lead, I will run with you.
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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Midi is used with permission
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