~ Wings ~

I ask for someone to love me
I ask for someone to care
I ask for someone to give me wings
So I can fly in the air

I ask for someone to hold me
I ask for someone to see
I ask someone to listen
I ask someone to be

Give me wings of a butterfly
So I can touch the sky
Give me your heart
Never asking why

I can see rainbows
Flowers all around
I can feel angels
Lifting me off the ground

I ask to hold on to beauty
A love that is all my own
He does not have to be handsome
As long as he turns me upside down

Give me wings to wander
Give me a life which is complete
Give me romance of my own
So I never have to weep

I ask for wings that are golden
Colors which make the sun shine
A love to last forever
Someone who is mine.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

What is the secret of serenity? We all want
to know it. Indeed, we do know it already.
There is no secret about it. God's word speaks
it out plainly enough. Everybody can see what
it is. All things work together for good to
them that love God. We must love God; that is
the heart of it. Happiness, content, and right
satisfaction, all doubts answered, all dark
places lighted up, heaven begun here--this is
the reward of loving God. In this world,
tribulation; yes, but good cheer in spite of
that, for the Son of God, whom we love, has
overcome the world.
~George Hodges~


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