In the very darkest times
You may feel that God is gone
And in that fear you long for hope
For your heart to rest upon

Yet abiding goodness never leaves
Though your heart is wrenched with screams
The love of God is pressing in
More than you'll ever dream

All loveliness may seem o'ershadowed
With every burden that you bear
But God's goodness cannot be lost
When of His life you share

When hurts may shoot with flying darts
There is always beauty to be found
Be still, for it will be revealed
If you listen for the gentle sound

There is no ending to His loving heart
If we seek to listen hard
He has a plan that will revive your soul
Something very special to impart

Just around the corner you will see it
Shining brighter than the day
Pause now and open up your heart
To know God's goodness on your way

Though angry conflicts seem to loom
There is purpose in it all
Always there is a special reason
For God to show us more

Winter shrouds what seems unknown
But God's hand is stretching forth
Diamonds glow within the darkest places
His life is giving birth

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Your afflictions are not eternal, time will end them,
and you will see the Lord's salvation;
His love sleeps not and is still working for you;
His salvation will not tarry nor linger;
and suffering for Him is the noblest cross out of heaven.
Your Lord has the choice of ten thousand other crosses,
beside this, to exercise you withal;
but His wisdom and His love chose this for you,
take it as a choice one, and make use of it.
Let the Lord absolutely have the ordering of your troubles,
who has skill to refine His own diamonds, melt His own metal,
and knows well what to do with His furnace.
Samuel Rutherford

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