~ Winter's Rainbow ~

Sifted sugar on the ground
Winter white for all to see
On the treetops, all around
Sparkling, stately majesty

Early morning sun does glow
Pink, at first, then turns to yellow
Smiling down on all below
Look, here comes that cardinal fellow

So red against a cloak of white
How joyfully this birdie sings
A candy cane with just one stripe
Such sweet delight this birdie brings

In everlasting evergreen
Cardinal preens and sings his song
More lovely sight I've never seen
It takes to wing, then 'fore too long

It's red against a sky of blue
As Mister Finch goes flying high
I'd love to will him back for you
He will return, yes, by-and-by

Purple grows the shadows, long
An orange sun hangs in the sky
We will wait, we will be strong
Tomorrow he'll be back -- (I sigh)

Faerie's Heartsongs
Tracy R. Cardinet 2008

No diamond could ever shine as
brightly, nor as purely, as when the
sun smiles down on pristine snow.
Winter's slumber and winter's wonder
are a blessing from our Father, so that
all may witness the "death" of flowers
and grass and other living things, only
to be delighted, in the springtime, by
their rebirth. As sunshine and moonbeams
reflect off the snow, so it is that we, too,
reflect upon our lives and our love of family,
friends and cherished traditions. So, too,
do we find time, in the winter, to reflect
upon our very nature and our commitment
to He, who is greater than we are.


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