~ Wisdom Should Be Shared ~
We took years of tripping over each other
May it be friend, sister or even a brother
Learning through the years even by mistakes
To come to believe, that sharing is all it takes

To share all we have with those who have less
While seeming still small, which may be for best
If by Godly advice, from a lesson past learned
For maybe His words will ease of the burn

If we have learned to share His love so divine
As we were led to the love that is yours and mine
We need to give back what has been given
We might not have two nickels, but we can still listen

Words of council may be all that is needed
We just need to show that we really believe
To share what we have, to lend just a hand
For the journey out of sin, is not easy to land

To share our beliefs that will never conflict
Faith makes it much easier for life to be fixed
I have been taught to share heart and soul
To show how the Lord has blessed must be told

If others need to learn to believe of the truth
All of Christ we will give, He is all we knew
All that has been taught of Him is the right
What we sow for Him, will bring us to the light

We must share with others what we have learned
That with the next move, out of night we can turn
It has been wise words given by many others
That helped us to find the right road together

So we share the wisdom from all we've acquired
If it can help bring others safe through the fire
Strengthened by angels and love that is true
To love friends I have met, the many or the few

Now if I can pass on all I have learned over time
To those that may need it, on down the line
If you want to listen to what I believe is true
Then it's, if you give love, The Lord will love you

 Gary Salter 2005


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