You might be feeling just a little chilly
rushing to and fro
Busy with all you have to do
where'er you have to go

You may wish to just be calm and still
to enjoy a li'l chat
About some incidentals
little thoughts on this and that

How you're feeling, things ahead
family heartaches
Sharing as you want
in a gentle soft embrace

You may wish for a gentle word
of encouragement today
Feeling a vague loneliness
needing a tender touch along your way

Well, right now, I am here
if with me you'd like to stay
I can be your friend to pause with you
with some lovin' to convey

For you I pray
peace and calm today

Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

I cherish all my thoughts of you
and when you need someone to listen
I will share everyday life with you


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