A Wish Upon
A Falling Star!

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As I watched the snow falling to the ground
I could see Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary
In the pretty landscape all around
I looked up for the star, that was bright on Christmas Eve
In the hope I would see a memory
I longed would come to be

Then I saw this falling star
So I quickly made a wish
To bring me the dearest one
I love and dearly miss

I saw the star aglow,
As it fell down from the sky
On Jesus' Birthday
He does not want to see me cry

I wished with all my heart and soul
That the dearest one I know
Would come to me on Christmas Day
Touching heart to heart
Together and always

As I looked up to the heavens
I said a very special prayer...
My door bell rang
And there he was, arriving from afar
My dearest love, I knew
Was brought upon a falling star

Thank you, dear Lord
For giving me this gift
You never leave me
You gave, my dearest Christmas wish


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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