~ Within My Hearth ~

It may seem some folks
Just wander up our cobblestones
Meandering along the way
By chance to find our home

But then the gift we realize
God has sent their love to stay
As a tender friendship forms
To bless our hearts each day

How close they seem to be
Though they are very far
How very special life becomes
With that friend within your hearth

Now nothing comes to separate
No distance, time or thought
Together in the flow of life
In love's current ever caught

And how that love can blossom
Where care can freely grow
As the curtain opens to reveal
Where hearts can be at home

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

I only hope
my love can bless you even half of what
you have given to me.
Love you more than yesterday ~ and
probably less than tomorrow. For my
love just grows and grows

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