~ With Life To Climb ~

And there we were, the you and I
Contented here 'neath God's blue sky...
When suddenly, the clock struck one-
Nonplussed, we frolicked, having fun!

And thus, we played and romped all day
No matter what the clock did say,
And though the clock was striking two-
It mattered not - to me and you.

We loved, we cared, we sweetly prayed
While time, it somehow ticked away.
We didn't see, that it tolled three
In all that's shared 'tween you and me.

Which meant our moments were all good
In being pals, just as we would.
So, when old time was chiming four
Our friendship couldn't be more sure.

And here together chatting,
So much we came to understand,
And thus it was, as clock pealed five
We felt in God, so satisfied.

In friendship's garden, life looked sweet
From all the blessings we entreat,
We didn't notice, sounding six
When in our God, we co-exist.

We sought for more, e'er reaching higher
To chase the gloomies all away,
So, when the clock was ringing seven,
Our spirits hovered in their heaven.

Then so much rain, descended down-
Oh, would we swim, or would we drown,
But float we did, as eight was passed
Secure in love that always lasts.

For as we prayed, the sun returned,
As more of God, we came to learn,
We praised the Lord, as nine went by
And knew we lived in Him divine.

In fruiting orchards we then climbed
Finding much that seemed divine,
Would we come down, when it was ten-
Or, upward go, forever friends.

Yes, moments came, as surely went,
And never was our sharing spent.
Eleven chimed, we didn't hear
For God had calmed each lurking fear.

And suddenly more time was gone,
As midnight pealed, as midnight gonged,
And there I kept your warmth, your hug
And thanked our God for all your love.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Jan 2010

"Another day - joy in the Lord,
wrapping 'round us like a shawl,
to warm our soul,
infill it all,
with life to climb
forever more."


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