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~ With Love To The Master Composer ~

I love the Master composer
For I listen to His music every day
He is in my heart and soul
He comforts me in every way

I hear the angels singing
So beautiful is their voice
I play their music in my spirit
For it is my choice


The Master player has sung
Since the world He made, all came to be
I sing for the Master because,
I know how much now, He loves me

My love is for the Master Composer
Who tells me what to say
I sing for all to know of love
I care for them in every way


I so want you to hear the song
So you can hear an angel's voice
Like I listen to Jesus, so in Him I can rejoice.
The Master Composer stands by my side
I can see a dove flying, so very high

Thank you, Dear Jesus,
For the gift you have given to me
I will treasure it always
For I worship thee.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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