~ Without God ~

We are the first to be disgusted
When many countries oppress the poor
We are the first to say "do something"
Then we bang on our Government's door

We find petitions, send them to others
In hopes enough signatures can be met
Then we contact our senators & congressmen
To lawfully do something "We the People" can't

While here at home, we need, and want
We lift our voice, in hopes we're heard
Then we sit back, and wait, doing nothing
This is where life becomes obscured

We expect all to be rose gardens
While we live this earthly life
I am sorry to disappoint you
But life is sometimes, filled with strife

God never wished for all this chaos
In a world he made with love
Wars raging through the lands
Our minds set on materials, not on above

Without God we can do nothing
Without God our world is lost
Without God we have no future
And our ship is always tossed

We need God in our presence
To heal, to mend, and hold
Then as God's children we can boldly
Approach His holy throne

Put God back in the midst of things
Put Him back where He belongs
Give Him back your heart
And He will right the wrongs

Don't go on thinking you can do it
All alone, and that you're king
Of the life that God entrusted you
We're to give Him thanks for everything!

Debbie Looney 2006

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