The wind whistled through the trees
telling of a cold snowy night's freeze ...
All of the animals had been safely prepared
except for a little bird who was not spared

A little sparrow had gotten lost
and was caught in the unexpected frost
She lay on the cold frozen ground
her fragile body barely making a sound

She was badly injured and could not fly
then out of the shadows a wolf passed by
Silently, without any sounds being heard
wolf found the little injured bird ...

Wolf looked at the sparrow's delicate feathers
and knew she could not survive the weather
He saw the sadness in sparrow's eye
and knew he could not let her die ...

There in the cold night's dark
the little sparrow had touched wolf's heart
Wolf saw the little sparrow's plight
and would see her through the night

As the wolf laid down close beside her
the sparrow nestled warmly in his soft fur
From the night sky Creator looked down
at His little creatures lying on the cold ground

Then Creator sent warm heavenly winds
to keep warm these two caring friends ...
Because the wolf's caring devotion had no end
for little sparrow a miracle of healing would begin

Within all the miracles ever dreamt of
there's none greater than the miracle of love
With their hearts and spirits bound together
Wolf and little sparrow will be friends forever

Whenever there's two hearts that share
Miracles can happen to anyone, anywhere

Barbara LaBarbera 2005


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