Long ago Tribal Elders passed on a gift
the mystical ability to shape-shift ...
As into your heart this dream steals
Is it a dream ... or is it real ....?

Come, join my Wolf-Pack ...
Don't look back ... just follow the tracks

Welcome my friend ... listen to the wind
Enter dreams without beginning or end ...
Now ....
...... the Wolf-Dreamer Dreams begins ....

Follow me to another place and time
A place of harmony 'midst wolf and his kind
As day ends and night begins to fall ...
Off in the distance, I hear my brother's call

A wolf spirit trapped in human skin
I long to run with my wolfen kin
As my brother's howl comes within range
'Neath the stars, my body begins to change ...

At last my body and spirit are one
Faster! Faster! My paws begin to run!
Without pause or looking back ...
I search to find my brother's pack!

Then I see my Celtic spirit sister there
and my Cherokee sister with the raven hair
Off standing in the shadowy moon beams
is "Yellow Wolf Who Follows His Dreams"

Romping 'round the Craggy Mountain bend
There's my grandsons, "Brother's of the Wind"
Yes, all my wolf friends are gathered there!
Howling and running with paws flying on air

As clear and continuous as a mountain stream
We forever dream our Wolf-Dreamer's Dream
This is my wolf pack, my loyal family
Humans by day ...... But at night
.... wolf spirits that run free

Barbara LaBarbera 2005

*Please help our wolf brother run free!
Help Save The Wolves

*VOTE for Arctic refuge!
FINAL vote!
Defenders of Wildlife

*Dedicated to my "Wolf Pack Friends"
Those that love and fight to save the wolves
Thank you for your support
and for signing all the petitions I send you!

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