~ The Wolf-Raven Song ~
Silhouetted in the dim moonlight
sits Ravens dark as midnight
As the night grows still and long
they sing their plaintive song ...
Then out of the shadows Wolf joins in
and their Wolf-Raven song begins
As their voices in chorus blend ...
They sing of destruction and their human kin
Their mournful song floats on moonbeams
hoping to enter your hearts and dreams
It's a mystical song without beginning or end
about those who try but never win ...
A song with an ancient verse
about those who were here first
Whose Warriors fought so bravely
to keep their Native lands free ...
And how their Sacred ground ran red
where these fallen Warriors blood was shed
It's a hauntingly soulful refrain
filled with sorrow and pain ...
As their sad song is sung
they sing of battles never won
Of those today who fight in wars
and wonder what it's for ...
There's a dark message they often sing
Filled with hopes for changes it may bring ...
About the ruthless savagery of man
and his greedy destruction of the land
In their hearts, they hoped by dawn
Someone would hear their song
But as daybreak neared, it was sadly clear
No one listened, they choose not to hear
Their Wolf-Raven song had fallen silent
... among cold deaf ears

Barbara LaBarbera 2005


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