~ Wolf's Final Song ~

He lost his loyal mate by hands
of the creature they call man ...
Pain cuts through him like a knife
for the mate he had taken for life ...

His sorrowful song fills the night
As he howls at the moon's light ...
His lone heart's soulful cries
Lingers on the wind then dies

His empty stomach gives a growl
he must begin his nightly prowl
His silent paws are tired and weak
As he tries to cross an icy creek
His hunger is growing strong
but in the wind something is wrong
Suddenly his yelps fill the air ...
He had not seen the trap lying there

He fights with teeth and front paws
trying to loosen it's steely jaws
A man made trap of cruelest intent
It was surely by the devil hell sent
His poor half starved body
struggling helplessly to be free
but within these jaws of death
He will soon draw his last breath

His soft whimpers are the only sound
as his dying body lies on the ground
His life's blood in a steady flow
runs red across a cold white snow

Beneath an icy snow burdened tree
Embracing death ... he still cried to be free
As his weakened cries met the dawn
These cries were wolf's final song ...

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission
Please hear wolf's cries - Help him live and run free
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