A stately creature as he stood
at the edge of a large dense wood
Wolf had caught her scent at twilight
and had searched most of the night

Her shadow 'neath the glimmering stars
by instinct had drawn him ever so far
and as he searched through the dark
Love and devotion had filled his heart

Thoughts of when he found her
What loving gift could he offer?
Then suddenly within his sight
He saw brilliant flowers of white

Beauty growing wild 'midst fields of clover
Surely these flowers would win her over?
He plucked them gently with his teeth
from the lush giving earth beneath

The Sky Spirits were watching from above
How Wolf's heart was so filled with love
They gathered mystic powers between them
and would make magic Blessings for him

Wolf was charging through the long grass
His flowers clasped with his teeth, held fast
And as wolf leaped and ran ...
The Sky Spirit's magic Blessings began

As visions of Wolf's love danced in his head
The wild flowers became roses of red
Yes! And as this mystic legend goes ...
Each wild flower had turned into a Rose

Filled with excitement, Wolf could hardly wait
When at last he saw She-Wolf, his soul mate
He lovingly placed the Roses in front of her
as she nuzzled up close into his soft fur ...

Together at last, their howls soared in song
Echoing Sacred Dreams that will live on
Their wolf love will last throughout eternity
as they run the winds forever wild and free ...

Miracles happen when love is pure and true
If you believe ... it could happen to you

Barbara LaBarbera 2007


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