He stood silently atop a craggy knoll
with the eyes of a hawk and a wolf's Soul
A Warrior of grand and noble birth
his spirit had now returned to earth

Across the Spirit World's peaceful skies
had come helpless, plaintive cries ...
Something urgent had called him back home
to walk paths that he had never known

When he touched the ground with his feet
he felt Mother Earth's weakened heart beat
His familiar prairies now lay silent and empty
where once living creatures had run wild and free

No thundering hoof beats of the buffalo
that once roamed freely here long ago
A dead silence of brother coyote's howl
Gone were the night eagles on the prowl

Where once he heard brother wolf's calls
now stood condos and shopping malls
No Prayers or Sacred drums could be heard
just politicians' empty promises and lying words

Suddenly, out of the sky, a Red Hawk flew overhead
"You must join the Rainbow Warriors", he said
"Run Wolf Warrior, your people need you, run ...
the war to save our Sacred Mother has begun."

The Wolf Warrior stood lean and proud
as his war cries soared among the clouds
and with this ancient Warrior's fierce cry
Thunder and lightning split open the sky

Watch for the signs! Wolf Warrior battles to win
putting right what was destroyed by the white men
The cross bone politicians will run like cowards
As the Seventh Generation shows their mystic powers

All within the Sacred Circle is growing strong
Watch and be prepared to greet a new dawn!
Our Ancient Prophecies are now coming true ...
Soon we will be counting our victory coup!


Barbara LaBarbera 2007


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