The wolf stood with her ears perked high
when suddenly a man appeared close by
The wolf was drawn to the man, but why?
As their eyes locked in a mystical trance
Had these two met only by chance ...?

What was not understood by the man
this was all part of the Sky Spirits' plan
They looked down at the unsuspecting pair
Hoping the man would learn to love and share

The wolf and the man were bound by their hearts
Whether they walked the same path or apart ...
Together their heart's devotion was such
that their spirits would forever touch ...

As the Sky Spirits watched and gave guide
The man and the wolf walked side by side
If the man became angry or lost in the dark
The wolf would whisper softy to his heart

They lived and loved with their spirits in harmony
As they ran with the winds wild and care free ...
but all too soon there came a fateful day
when the man in anger ordered the wolf away ...

He no longer loved the wolf with the golden eyes
His heart had grown cold from human made lies
with no understanding in his steely human mind
he didn't know wolf love transcends space and time

Now the wolf whispers longingly to the wind
Forever hoping her messages will reach her friend
As night's darkness falls ever so softly
the wolf whispers .... do you remember me?

And as the Morning Star shines through
the wolf whispers ... I miss you
Listen to the wind ...
and perhaps you will learn why
When a wolf whispers ... sometimes they cry

Barbara LaBarbera 2005

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