~ Wonderland of Wishes ~

In my wonderland of wishes
This Christmas will be grand
A blanketed snowy surrender
To a time, not far from hand

Memories, I have cherished
All my whole life through
Christmas past of family & friends
And a time of love, brand new

Getting ready to decorate
Lights flashing on the Yew
Greenery decked with Holly
A wonderful wintertime view

Out of these wonderland of wishes
I cling close to "Only One"
And this "One" I treasure most of all
Is God bringing me His Son

Tis such a Holy Season
A time of renewal, and of Love
A beautiful message given on this day
From our Father, up above

So, these memories I have cherished
Will never hold a flame
To this wonderland of hope I feel
When in a baby, Jesus came.

Debbie Looney © 2005

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