Butterflies, a wonder to behold flying by
Fluttering colorful wings catching my eye
With wings of lacy pink, and silvery blue
Sometimes with wings of golden yellow too.

Yesterday a butterfly came flying by
Floating so gently across the sky
Soaring high into the atmosphere
And came flying back so very near.

I said, I would like to fly the sky with you
Flying all around the clouds like you do
You seem to have so much fun
As you fly up high toward the sun.

It said, what I would like most to do
Is walk around this earth with you
But I do not have two legs that swing
I have no arms, only these two wings.

And soon we went our separate ways
My butterfly, a wonder to behold, was a surprise
Now we both had seen God's precious gifts
While looking through each others eyes.

Glenna M. Baugh 2006
Living by Faith

"Beautiful butterflies, a wonder to behold"
Quote by Glenna

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