~ Words Spoken So Softly ~

Words spoken so softly
Caress my aging ears
Whispered words so genuine
Given throughout the years.

Words so sweet and tender
An essence of love we share
Nurtured in two hearts
That for each will always care.

A love that's lasted for so long
Through good times and in bad
Whispered words given to me
Whenever I was sad.

A love we share together
As blessed by God above
A bond never to be broken
As it is a chain of love.

Whispering softly to my soul
Your words envelope my heart
Looking deep into my eyes
Saying we'll never part.

When I look into those eyes
I see a heart so blessed
That to also share our souls
We would never settle for less.

Embracing me closely to your chest
Telling me I'm the one
Forever and through eternity
It's my heart that you have won.

"I am yours and you are mine”
You whisper to me each day
I feel the tenderness that you are
In so many awesome ways.

Years have come and gone my love
But our feelings remain the same
Words spoken so softly
Still set my heart aflame.

The words you have spoken softly
Have kept my heart refreshed
Tender words that bring comfort
In those times I feel so stressed.

Blessed we have been my dearest
For together we have always been
To be with you forever
I would do it all again.

Written by: Steve Politte and
Chee Chee Martin © 8-16-08
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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