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Bitter words are spoken
Then etched upon a mind
Shattered heart and broken spirit
By the arrows left behind

Heartstrings left in pieces
And the wounding of a soul
Over and over the sound of
Those words so harsh and cold

The mind is stuck on replay
The body needs some rest
Forgetting is not easy
Though one will do one's best

Although those dirty footprints
Have made it hard to cope
Just sweep away the old debris
Pick up the shield of hope

The tapestry will fade in time
The wounds will heal within
The seeds won't grow, this I know
'Til they go back to the sower again

Yolanda Cohen

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'For thy mouth uttereth thine iniquity, and thou
chooseth the tongue of the crafty. Thine own mouth
condemneth thee, and not I : yea, thine own lips
testify against thee'
Job 13: 19,20 KJV

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