~ The World's A Stage ~

In my serious moments,
I ponder on world events
Wondering what it's coming to,
what part I play.
Wars and vicious battles,
in faraway places
Never stopping as ethnic groups,
continue to slay.

Yet like in a dream world,
shifting scenes
To the lover of my life,
who's always in my heart.
My attention focus on the
plight of homeless people
Of misdirected lives,
their loves, family, emotions impart.

Treading on familiar ground,
or even unknown territory
Sometimes gives a sense of
been there, done that before,
Probably in some other
distance life,
Events experienced, explored.

Still, the "being" ,
of everyday living
With the closeness of family
even meeting strangers,
Laughter, tears, a word
keeping in touch,
Times together enjoyable
mostly friendly interchange.

Believing in those people,
all around you
Keeping yourself proud,
head up high.
Staying on a straight.
righteous path
Living the drama of a play,
until the day you die.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006

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