~ Written In Time ~

Just take a look to see who I am
Not so complicated, just a true man
One who's word, will stand on it's own
(Now young man anger has grown old)

A gentle touch for those who need,
Not wrapped up with human greed
Patience now my middle name
But not willing to play silly mind games

What you see is what you get
Treating all with deep respect
Not a weakness, but more a strength
To not be mistreated (if that's what you think)

Love in my heart I just want to share
With the right people, if they are there
In the place of mind, where they can see
That all will be given, as it's received

Maybe a handsome man in others' eyes
Still I do not hide behind disguise
I bow to them and what they see
Reflected in the mirror is what I want to be

So look behind the hair, long flowing
It's in my eyes you will find the knowing
Of a gentleman that honors trust
To stand with me, then is a must

I will keep the flame of chivalry alive
Walk if I must, to let a lady ride
Values so very old, written in time
That I have taken on to be mine

So let me end this with a smile
For all the years have been worthwhile
Take the time to look at me
Tell me, friend what do you see?


Gary Salter 8/23/07


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