~ Yes Lord ~

Early in the morning
I heard God speak to me
'I need workers in my fields
I have need of Thee'

He said, 'My little ones are wandering
From the safety of my arms
Go today and bring them back
Shout out the alarm'

'The fields are ripe, the harvest white
But the reapers are so few
Come and work for me today
I am calling you'

I said, 'Yes, my Lord I will go
Prepare the way for me
I'll go and bring your children in
I'll bring them home to Thee'

Now many years I've done my best
To find those who are lost
And point them to the cross of Christ
So they will not be lost

If you have strayed from His table
Go back and feast again
There's plenty of food on His table
Come on now and enter in

Yolanda Cohen 2007

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