~ Yesterday ~

Don’t look back; forge ahead,
Yesterday is gone
And can not be brought back;
Tomorrow is not here;
The only time we have is now.

Always try to do the right thing,
So there are no regrets;
Time is fleeting;
Don’t waste it wondering ‘What if?’
If you work from dawn to the setting of sun,
What is your gain? Happiness?
I think not. Happiness is within the
Reach of your heart.

One can not dine alone.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor
As God intended.
Once a moment is gone,
You can not retrieve it.

King Solomon said,
“One generation passeth away
And another takes it’s place.”
He also said that man is never satisfied.

Perchance in the future
Someone remembers you ,
What will they say?

Live each minute as if
It were your last, so that today
People will say you loved God,

Janice Bumbalough Marler
April 27, 2009

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