~ Yes We can, And Now, We Must...... ~

Stand together as one Nation
Join our hands in harmony
Show the World what is possible
In this Land of Liberty.

Realize the great importance
Of the real history of this land
And know the passing of this torch
Has forever changed our way.

Demand those promises be kept
Now the campaigns are done
Put the lobbyists in their place
And make the People number one.

Take better care of our young
Raise the bar of education
Make health care affordable to all
Control the cost of medication.

Keep promises made to Veterans
Take care of those returned from war
Strive for World peace and security
Because that's what we stand for.

Secure our wide-open borders
Stop illegal people and the drugs
We must enforce our Rule of Law
To stop the traffickers and thugs.

Protect our worker's livelihoods
Quit sending their jobs overseas
Make all those goods we're buying safe
Not let them sell us what they please.

Provide for all our senior citizens
And help them live with dignity
Remember, while we are younger
That one day that's who we too will be.

Make sure none are going hungry
Or living homeless on the street
To pass from this life unnoticed
From winter's cold or summer heat.

Take on our global warming
Take the lead for sensible cures
End our fossil fuel dependence
Or it might be the end, for sure.

Make sure all pay their fair share
Put an end to Wall Street greed
Quit bailing out white collar thieves
For jail time is what they need.

Find a simple way to vote, that works
So we can trust it will be counted
And you must vote to have a say
Or your complaints will be discounted.

Return to, "By and for the People"
We must get back the Freedoms lost
For when our Rights all slip away
That is by far, too high a cost.

Yes we can, and yes, we will
Each must, do our part for the cause
Change this Country back once more
To the greatness, that once was.

Del "Abe" Jones





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