When we look about this day
There are storms on every side
While we're longing for the peace
We wish could e'er abide
Today I have a little message
I would like to send
A little lovin' for the heart
Of the very dearest friend
To let you know I see the peace
Deep inside your heart
The joy this world is crying for
In the lovin' you impart
You've been at the cross to find
The peace that can be ours
So you are making life more beautiful
With all the kindness that you shower
You inspire each heart you touch
With the loveliness of heaven
You give, as you believe
All the beauty you are given
You glow forth with His love
As you give your life away
Christmas lives within your heart
God shines in you today

Soft Christmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

 A candle is a precious thing,
It makes no noise at all
But softly gives itself away
while gently growing small


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 midi..Wonderland By Night
arranged by:
Don Carroll
Houston, Texas


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