~ You Are Always On My Mind ~

As I sit here
watching the beautiful sky
You come to my mind
and I start to cry

I love you as a sister,
though we have never met
In your heart, which I read
I know you hold no regret

So much has happened,
I wonder how you cope
Your faith only gets stronger,
in Jesus' arms there is hope

So many loved ones
have been taken away
Now your dear one
is thought of each day

You are always in my mind
a light shining bright
You have been there for me
now I hold your hand tight

In God's time, I pray every day
your dreams will come true
I want you to know in rain or in shine
I am right here for you

Whatever happens,
I am just a phone call away
Bless you, my sister
my heart is with you today.

Linda Ann Henry 2007
For my dear friend, Cheechee
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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