~ You Are Everything ~

You are everything beautiful to me
A sun kissed flower, standing tall by a tree
A warm morning hug, to brighten my day
Friend you are, loved in every way

You are a star that glows, deep in the night
Showering friendship, with splendid light
A kiss on my cheek, when I'm feeling alone
Friend I'm thankful, for the you, I've known

You are my refuge, my mentor, my guide
When I need a lift, you've been there, by my side
There is no telling, just where I'd be
Without you standing, right beside me

God bless you friend, you're as sweet as can be
I love you my friend, forever, endlessly
God gave us a song in our heart when we met
And to you my friend, I'm forever in debt

Keep smiling, and loving, all the ways that you do
For this is what makes, a friend so true
I give you my heart, and my soul, til the end
And when last day comes, hand in hand,
we'll be friends again

Debbie Looney 02/18/2007


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Midi "Sunshine On My Shoulders" from
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