~ You Cannot Be Sad ~
~When You Look At The Face Of God~
If you reach out for Jesus hand
When you are at the end of your rope
Look to the sky, there is a rainbow you will see
Way up high to help you cope
Jesus is with you in all you do
Love for Him is eternal
Know without asking, He is watching you too
You cannot be sad if you look at the face of God
If you are ill and think it may be your last day
Jesus will guide you so you will not stray
See the blossoms all around
Watch the birds fly like angels and touch the ground
The wonderful sun will give you light
So you can see
This miracle of life, God has given to thee
Jesus is holding your hand as you walk
If you stumble, if you fall
Our Lord will pick you up
For He, Himself has been through it all
Do not lose heart when someone dies
For like a grain within the earth
Their spirit, is re-born in a different form
Do not cry or weep, for God is holding them
They do not sleep.
Please do not be sad
Look up into the face of God
He will make you new, with a love so very true
As you do your daily work
Look at the beauty in the world, not the sadness.
For when the end of time comes to us all
We will smile when at last we see
"The Son of God"
In all his majesty.
Do you remember me
The people's poet
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