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You Showed Me You Care

Please dear God, come take my hand
And guide me through the promise land

Return to me my precious sight
So I can see both day and night

Restore my hearing in both my ears
For it's Your footsteps I want to hear

Protect me Jesus both night and day
For it's You I'll follow and never stray

Heavenly Father, it's Your love I want to feel
So every night beside my bed I will kneel

Precious Jesus, to you I surrender my soul
For You are my life line from this bottomless hole

I pray each day for forgiveness of all my sins
Where my past will die and new life begins

From this day forward I want to do right
No more darkness only heavens bright light

Don't ever let me turn my face
Because I will want to walk with You and Your grace

I know I shouldn't worry or be in despair
With Your arms wrapped around me,
You showed me You care

Vicki Wood 2003


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