~ You Make My Heart Smile ~

I was thinking just today
Trying to figure out
How God paired us up together
And I know without a doubt

He knew that there were days ahead
We'd need each other so
For there are things that happen
Only a best friend would know

He looked for someone full of love
Someone 'selfless' such as you
For He knew I needed healing
That only you could do

He knew that you had empathy
Beyond the grasp of man
He knew that's what I needed
Someone who'd understand

And once I had thought
And really thought this through
I then started wondering
What could I bring to you

It seems that there are also times
You need a gentle touch
When life is overwhelming
And it almost is too much

God knew that you were smiling
Not even letting people know
That deep inside the heart of you
Were things that still hurt so

He knew when you needed giggles
Somehow that's what we'd do
For I can sure be funny
But not as much as you

We laugh, we cry, we daydream
Sometimes we reminisce
Talking about this and that
We didn't need a list

God, dear Lord, I'm thanking you
For giving us a while
You ask why he decided 'Us'
Because you make my heart smile

And in return I can do
The very same for you
Now I knew the 'WHY' part
Somehow that God just knew

 Mary Anne Ray 2006
God's Little Whispers

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