~ Young And In Love ~

When you're young and in love
The whole world seems to know
You show it in every gesture you make
Your face emits a glow.

There is a lilt in your voice
Your step becomes much higher
Your eyes light up like the stars at night
Your heart is full of desire.

When you're young and in love
The whole world is right with you
You're floating with the clouds in the sky
Everything seems brand new.

You have found that special someone
That someone who makes your heart beat
So much love you have inside
You now feel so complete.

When you're young and in love
A new sense of being prevails
Your life takes on a new meaning
It's like living in a fairy tale.

What an exciting and beautiful feeling
It's the wonder of it all
Each of us have experienced this
Love still amazes and enthralls.

Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul



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 Midi by Geoff Anderson

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