Young Boy Jesus

He was only a little boy
Just a twelve year old
When he lingered behind
In the Temple
To hear the stories they told

He had His mind on His Father
And wanted to learn much more
About the children of Israel
How they were instructed
To serve their Lord!

His mother and father had gone
Traveling toward their home
When suddenly they missed him
They worried that He was alone

But He really had gone nowhere
Just stayed to hear the word
Of the prophets of old
For God had ordered
It all to be told

He was about His Father's business
Even at that tender age
Games and play left no impression
In The Word He loved to engage

When at last his parents found Him
Listening to all they said
They were astonished to see Him
Understanding all the Patriarch's read


Betty Hill 2006

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Original Art Image by Sandra Kuck