~ A Younger Day ~

I colored my hair
Now I'm lookin' good
But I can't figure out why
My body feels stiff as wood

I primp, and I preen
Many times in a day
To keep young & pretty
But it never does stay

In my mind I am twenty
Just a wee one to boot
I can run like the wind
Right! now that jokes a hoot!

I keep hoping for backwards
When a new birthday comes up
Instead of getting much older
I'll be as young as a pup

Wishful thinking I am told
For it does not work this way
But I'm hoping, and hoping
Of a much younger day

I must not cave in
To the years as they pass
For if I give up
I'll be one old lass

Even though I'm not too old
I feel new creaks each day
They can keep the dang scooter
And I'll just hobble away


Debbie Looney 08/14/2006

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