~*~ Your Candle Is Forever ~*~


~ Your Candle Is Forever ~

Your candle will glow on forever
For, God in you can never die
Your life will burn e'er brighter, higher
For your spirit freely flies

You are of eternal joy
A sad legend, you can never be
For your flame can never flicker to
The merest memory

Never shall you be a fading evening star
You remain a morning light
Your life can only shine the more
To never fade from sight

Your journey holds no mournful ending
For each day you rise to live anew
In the beauty set within
The precious heart of you

More than a million ruby roses
Or untold rainbows on a hill
You will be, for God has made it so
Called only by His will

He has lifted you in His Lord Jesus
Cleansed and made you truly whole
Born anew a heavenly princess
Everlasting is your call

For those who live to touch another
With the gentle love of God
Can only live forever
Where eternal hearts belong

In endless pleasure of no sorrow
No lonesome road to walk
No cold night, no closing petals
Dark shadow, never more

Eternity is in you for always
The promise yet is coming true
Morning light and joy e'er dawn forever
In you, your God has planned it all

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Everlasting is the candle
lit by the very Love of God

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