You're The One

Many times I sit and ponder,
about the day I underwent.
Happy times, sadness,
anticipation, betterment.

The beginning of each day,
starts a whole new chain.
Situations, people, jobs,
meetings, catching the train.

It's hurry, scurry around,
busyness till nighttime rest.
Sometimes it's panic,
patience try to manifest.

Thoughts get tangled,
tempers sometime flare.
Surely, there is some way,
to become more aware.

Starting the day early,
meditating is required.
Centering on the inner self,
to become inspired.

Finding our Father God,
who cares for us so much.
He calmly reaches out,
in love we feel His touch.

For He's the one who is,
the center of our world.
He always has been,
will be, more precious than a pearl.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2/13/07


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The picture of Jesus is
from the beautiful art of Greg Olsen.

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