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~ Your Precious One Unwell ~

When a precious one is very ill
The world stops spinning for a while
For we cannot live another moment
Without their special loving smile

How every thought is with you now
Please know you're covered by much prayer
As Our Father guards and guides
With all His tender loving care

Your heart is breaking with the worry
So I send a soft and gentle hug
Be blessed, be carried in His strength
Be surrounded by His love


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

The wind's not always at our back
the sky's not always blue
We fill with grief when things are sad
and don't know what to do
It's then each day becomes uphill
with mountains high to climb
The river flowing far too deep
the crossing hard to find
And when these heartaches come
to overwhelm with care
It's then we cry, Lord, take the fear
please, this heavy burden bear


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God hear my prayer
by Jalal Ali 2004

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