~ On Your Son's Birthday ~

Itís the birthday of your son,
yet you cry such bitter tears.
Your son was taken from you;
to you it feels like years.

He was such a loving child;
you never thought 't would be,
That he would die before you
and leave your heart to grieve.

I wish that I could take away
the sorrow and the pain.
But I can only tell you now
you will see him again.

Heís standing right beside you
heís whispering in your ear,
Close your eyes and listen,
and I know you will hear;

The warbling of a songbird,
the wind up in the trees,
The barking of a puppy
the singing of the bees.

Itís heavenís way of saying
please do not despair,
Your son is waiting for you
heís holding all your tears.

And though it seems forever
heís just a breath away,
A heartbeat in eternity,
you'll walk with him someday.


© 2005 Forrest Phelps-Cook
Reflections From The Heart

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