~ You  Should Be Scared! ~

What is that mark upon your neck?
You look just horrible; you look a wreck!
I hear in the distance, woeful cries
And I really don't like that look in your eyes!

You're wan and pallid; white as a sheet
And you're constantly saying, "Trick or Treat"
Your eyes are glowing; red as can be
I see a hunger when you look at me!

You've changed a lot, I want you to know
You never come out when the sun is aglow
Darkness seems to be your cover
You stand in corners and you seem to hover.

Your fingernails are looking just like talons
Is that blood you're drinking, by the gallons?
And I noticed your incisors look sharp and long
I'm telling you dearie, something is wrong!

You continually tell me you're alright
And that you've never felt better in your life
So why are you looking at me that way?
You're scaring me sweetie I have to say!

You grin and wink as you saunter off
I nervously twitch, blink, and cough
I watch as others you meet and greet
You all begin yelling "Trick or Treat"!!

I don't understand this time of year
My friends seem to enjoy creating fear
They like to scare, you and me
They're not the same as they use to be.

I know and feel this and I'll tell you why
There was something different in their eyes
I'm going home and locking my doors
I've never been scared like this before.

So have some fun this Halloween night
But don't cause terror and don't cause fright
Get some candy and head on home
Don't be caught out tonight all alone!!


 Chee Chee Martin 2009
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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