Because of you it's going to be a great day!
So, come on along and we'll make it a day to remember always
We'll celebrate today, like no other day
What an exciting day it's going to be!

There's a big picnic planned
so come on my friend, take my hand and join me
Today's going to be a day filled with...
family and friends.

A day in the park,
or a day in our own backyard
There's no contest,
It's just going to be the best
cause, in my heart I have been blessed
With a dear friend like you.
May we always stick together like glue
for it's a friend like you,
That always makes my days feel so brand new.

My friend, no matter where we are
I want you to know on this special day and always
Hanging out with you, is what I really want to do.

So, dear friend tonight when the day comes to an end,
and you look to the sky
and you see the sparkles way up high
Know in my heart...
I'm thinking of you and wishing for you...
a wonderful journey in life with friends
As wonderful as you!

Much love from my heart to yours,
your friend forever and always

Donna Minnick
June 30, 2004


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