~ A Busy Ol' Bird ~


The telephone began to ring

Ol' Doc Turkey answered the thing

It was mama Cow about her calf
It seemed feverish and couldn't nap

Before he'd gotten out the door
That telephone rang once more
This time, grandma chicken had the croup
And her friend Mrs. Owl had lost her hoot

On his way to the medical wagon

The snail next door's tail was dragging
Ol' Doc tired, not yet on his way
Looked to the Lord..said 'help I pray'

When his cell phone began to ring
He took a deep breath and said 'who's there'
The voice this time he did not know
Just a soft voice said, 'Doc I need care'

As he passed the house of two small weasels

Their mama called 'Doc they have the measles
Jr. mouse next door has the mumps

And his good friend froggie has the jumps

Please help us out, oh Doc, would you?

The whole pig family has the flu'
From down the road came a cry for help
This one was from old lady Elk

The doc went home as tired as could be
Fell into bed and cried 'oh me

You reckon I'll recoup from this?
In the morning will things still be amiss?'

He wished he'd had an aspirin or two
But they'd been given to the pigs with the flu
I'll just go to sleep, and sleep it off
I'm just tired, not even a cough'

The sun came up so big and bright
He looked thru his window in pure delight
Things were calm for just a bit
Then a thunderous sound the sky did split

Then the rain began to pour
Ol' Doc went back to bed once more

Thought he'd catch up on his sleep
When from under his bed came a peep

As he got on his knees to look and see
He began to count them...1
Little yellow chicks just out of the shell
But mama Hen was resting well

Aah - he took a deep breath
Lay back on his bed
Soon, sweet dreams were filling his head
He knew it was over, nothing more to dread

A busy Ol' turkey he'll always be
helping the likes of you and me
was the words that came
From a sweet little chic-a-dee

Betty Hill 2007



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