~ There Will Always Be A You And Me ~

Wherever I am, there will always be a place for 'you and me'
Our souls will be a part of everything that can be
Just the two of us, 'you and me'
When God created us,
He wanted you to be my sister eternally

In this great world, which I see,
You understand what is in my heart
We know of life and poems, as 'God's Art'
Do not cry when I am gone
I am in the air you breathe and the earth you walk and play on
God will be my eternal voice, which you can hear
You and I have always wanted to fly
My Dearest Spirit Sister, together we can touch the sky

'You and me', God gave us, as a precious gift
When I go to heaven and God says to me
"I gave you a gift and how did you use my gift"
I can say. "Yes Lord, You gave me a gift
My spirit sister understood my heart so well
When I call to her, here in heaven
She will hear my heart as clear as a bell"

You and I will live forever
Where all the 'little' people dwell
For we have a love
we understand to always tell
I see myself in you
So do not say good-bye
Instead, say "see you very soon"

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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